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Mythcover Vitiligo Cosmetic Camouflage Liquid, Cover appearance of Skin Depigmentation, Natural-Durable-Waterproof, Makeup Cover Waterproof, Sweatproof, Keep 3-7days, No need to remove up, Used on face, hands, leg and body

Mythcover Vitiligo Cosmetic Camouflage Liquid, Cover appearance of Skin Depigmentation, Natural-Durable-Waterproof, Makeup Cover Waterproof, Sweatproof, Keep 3-7days, No need to remove up, Used on face, hands, leg and body

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High-performance vitiligo repigment or skin tone restoring concealer Pen (totally liquid) meets dermatologist standards.

  • NATURAL COVER - Vitiligo Covering Liquid contains natural plant ingredients, which can quickly cover vitiligo and make the complexion look natural, Helps alleviate emotional stress that comes along with vitiligo. Designed for males and females, an excellent alternative to makeup. Similar to your own skin tone and is customizable for warmer to cooler, darker to lighter skin tones.
  • INSTANT COVER - Apply color immediately after use, No tedious makeup steps, Restore your original skin tone.
  • LONG-LASTING COVERAGE - When you need to cover vitiligo, after using this vitiligo cover pen, it can last for 3 to 7 days, won't rub off on clothes or anything else, shake hands and hug with confidence.
  • LONG-LASTING WATERPROOF - This vitiligo masking liquid can last for a long time after the skin is colored, and it can be waterproof and sweat-proof.
  • EASY TO USE - Just according to the degree of your skin tone, and then use this product to cover the vitiligo, you can get a perfect skin tone.

The creative and innovative technology of totally liquid repigment or skin tone restoring,coverage and our know-how formulation technology make Mythcover Vitiligo repigment Concealer Pen can match every skin type and condition, from light to darken skin tone, nature repigment,coverage, lasting 3-7days, waterproof, without of powder of make-up color, no needing remove up, and will not stain your clothes. You can attend any social event and meet people with ease and confidence.

Mythcover vitiligo repigment concealer Pen will bring you an extraordinary experience.

Suitable for: full skin tone, face, body, hands, legs, body, head.

Mythcover repigment vitiligo concealer Pen features:

Totally liquid technology and without of powder of make-up color.

  • Instantly repigmentation, coverage and easy to use
  • natural color development
  • long lasting for 3-7 days
  • no needing to remove makeup
  • waterproof
  • sweat proof
  • breathable and wear-resistant
  • without of powder of make-up color.


Please noted: there are four product Models:

Waterproof Standard: suitable for face, body and torso

Waterproof Hands and feet: suitable for hands and feet

Dark Waterproof standard: suitable for face, body and torso with deep dark skin tone

Dark Waterproof hands and feet: suitable for hands and feet with deep dark skin tone

How to Use:

Step-by-step application:

  1. Wash the white skin to be applied and let it keep drying
  2. Open the cover of pen and smear on the white skin.

Smearing Tips:

  1. Be careful not to apply the liquid to the skin with normal skin tone, otherwise it will form a dark circle and the effect will be poor.
  2. The method of avoiding black circles is to smear the middle first, and then edge; use the tip of the Mythcover Pen to outline the edge.
  3. When smearing for the first time, be sure to find out the amount of application or the number of times that suits you.

**For people with light skin, it may be darker after one smear, so with less liquid on the Pen when smearing;

**For People with dark skin, maybe need to apply 3-4 times, and the resulting waterproof pigment is just right.

4.Explore the method of applying the number of times: you can choose the non-exposed part when you apply it for the first time, and apply it once, twice, or three times on different areas. The next day, observe the color of the generated waterproof pigment to find one suitable for you, and chose it when you apply it again.

5.You have best to stay in an environment below 26°C for 3-5 hours after smearing, and do not get water. Therefore, it is usually smeared at night, and the air conditioner is turned on for 3-5 hours in summer. (If it cannot be guaranteed that the ambient temperature is lower than 26°C for 3-5 hours, the effect will be very poor)

6.Recommend the first time of using better in night, so that it will be colored better, and in the next morning, you can observe the color tone, if the color is too light, just smear one time again.

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